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VTCT Level 3 Award in Healthy Eating and Wellbeing for the Complementary Therapy Client


On completion of this unit you will understand the role and sources of nutrients that are required for a balanced diet to maintain good health. You will be able to understand how general information on healthy eating can complement the therapeutic quality of your treatments. This award is ideally selected to provide you with additional skills to enhance your treatment outcomes for your existing qualifications.


  • Healthy Eating and Wellbeing for the Complementary Therapy Client

Case studies

You must carry out and document evidence for at least 12 consultations that includes a minimum of 5 clients (five case studies). Each case study must include a client questionnaire, lifestyle assessment, consent form, consultation record, after care advice and client feedback. Possible changes to eating habits and effects on the client should also be evidenced.


3 days at the academy, plus guided self study assignments in own time, including assessment and portfolio building.

Course Fee £450
External Examination Fee £40
VTCT Candidate Lifetime Registration (if applicable) £18

Additional Information

To develop candidates’ understanding how to use consultation skills with clients for nutritional advice and how to provide non-medical advice on nutrition to develop knowledge of digestive and excretory systems, foodstuffs, the digestive process and national nutritional guidelines

In addition you will need to complete case studies in your own time to cover the module ranges and to assist with the learning of your routines. Some theoretical assignments and collection of evidence will be required. On occasions you may be required to provide models to complete ranges; however we do endeavour to provide models for you from our client base.

Due to the professional nature of our courses you would be required to wear Salon Uniform, as required by our industry. Otherwise everything required to conduct the treatments will be provided whilst on the course.

All external examination fees are in addition to the course fee advertised.