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VTCT Vocationally Related Qualifications

Core Modules - Home Study

Core modules are the common general components for all of the new diploma/certificates/awards, they must be studied alongside or prior to completing each of the technical courses, the knowledge contained within these units underpins all skill areas.  They are arranged in to 5 core modular courses in home study packages.  They all contain informative tutorials and guided tasks or research assignments (appropriate to the each level being studied) that build in to your portfolio of evidence.

How do I know which core module course I need?

Choose the technical course that you wish to study first, this will inform you which core modules apply.  Some of the larger diplomas may require two core module courses to be studied.

Do I need to complete the course again if I have already passed in these subjects?

Candidates who have qualified in similar modules in the past still have to prove ongoing competence in the area by completing the assessment tasks.  Due to prior knowledge you qualify for a reduction of fees if the tutorial pack is not required.

The Home Study Core Modules available area as follows: